William S. Peck

Attorney at Law

Monmouth County Courthouse, Freehold, New Jersey, built in 1954.

William S. Peck is a New Jersey attorney with over 23 years of legal practice. With a general practice, his main areas of focus include personal injury, workplace injuries, premises liability, dog bite injuries, employment disputes, business disputes, real estate closings, municipal court tickets, criminal defense, expungements, and immigration. Additionally, as an avid motorcycle rider, William often represents fellow motorcycle riders injured in motorcycle accidents.

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Long Branch, New Jersey

Attorney / Advogado / Abogado
English / Falamos Português / Habla Español

Falamos Portugês

Automobile Accidents / Acidentes de Automóvel

Motorcycle Accidents / Acidentes de Mota

Fall Down Injuries / Lesões provocadas por Quedas

Dog Bites / Mordidas de Cachorro

Workplace Injuries/ Acidentes de Trabalho

Employment Disputes/ Rescisão Injusta

Traffic Tickets / Multas de Trânsito

•Criminal Defense


Immigration / Imigração

Hall of Records, Freehold, New Jersey, built in 1874.

Where’s the pain?

The human body is an amazing thing. By default, your mind and body strive for a pain free existence. Pain itself is an indicator that you are injured or sick. But we have all experienced pain well after the actual injury occurred, instead of at the time it happens. This is all too common when…

The Dog Bite Days of Summer

That dog bite could hurt more if you don’t recover any compensation. Aww, that dog over there is cute. Wait, where’s his leash? And why is he running towards me? Where’s his owner?? We all know that dogs will bite, and depending on the dog or the victim, that bite can result in real physical…

Who pays your medical bills when you are hurt in a car accident?

Let’s face it, people will get injured when they are sitting in a big metal container that collides with another big metal container. Especially when those big metal containers (i.e. vehicles) are moving at any rate of speed. Nobody wants to get into an automobile accident. Aside from having to deal with getting your car…