If something makes you fall down, take photos!

I’m sure the last thing you are thinking of when you fall down is “hey, let me take out my phone and take some pictures of this [whatever] that made me fall down and injure myself. Usually the first thought that comes to mind is “oh damn, that was embarrassing, I hope no one saw that …”. You might not even realize at first that you are seriously hurt, aside from your ego.

BUT, photos of the dangerous condition that caused you to fall down are one of the most important tools that attorneys use to prove your injury claim. In today’s day and age, mostly everyone carries a mobile phone that has a camera. And if something caused you to fall down, such as liquid on the floor, a cracked or uneven sidewalk, uneven step, or any other dangerous condition, you will improve your chances of being a successful claimant if you have photographic proof to show the property owner the dangerous condition that they allowed to exist.

Take good photos too – ones that show different angles, and that show the depth (i.e. height) of any defect. Maybe put something next to the defect to show the size. Since most people don’t carry rulers with them, perhaps put a very common object in the photo next to the defect to show its size, such as a pen or coin. Also, take some wide angle shots of the defect, so that you can show exactly where this defect existed. So if you’re outside and you trip on an uneven sidewalk slab, take some photos that show the defect AND some distinct features of the property – that is, a house or building near it so that someone can easily figure out exactly where this defect exists (or existed at the time of the fall down).

Too many times do new clients come consult with us and unfortunately do not have any photos of the dangerous condition. The issue really is compounded when the fall down occurred many days or weeks or months after the incident. When an investigator goes to the scene of the fall down the conditions oftentimes have changed or been repaired. This leads to problems proving that the condition was indeed dangerous in the first place, since we cannot show how the condition existed at the time of the injury.

So, put those smartphone cameras to good use and take photos of what caused your fall down right after it happens. This will help you way more than the selfie video you take afterward giving your audience a chuckle about your misfortune. Remember, your personal injury case is YOUR case, and the more proofs you can provide the better your chances at winning.

If you need more information about trip and falls, fall downs, or slip and falls, please contact the Law Offices of William S. Peck to discuss your options and to protect your rights.

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