Where’s the pain?

The human body is an amazing thing. By default, your mind and body strive for a pain free existence. Pain itself is an indicator that you are injured or sick. But we have all experienced pain well after the actual injury occurred, instead of at the time it happens. This is all too common whenContinue reading “Where’s the pain?”

The Dog Bite Days of Summer

That dog bite could hurt more if you don’t recover any compensation. Aww, that dog over there is cute. Wait, where’s his leash? And why is he running towards me? Where’s his owner?? We all know that dogs will bite, and depending on the dog or the victim, that bite can result in real physicalContinue reading “The Dog Bite Days of Summer”

If something makes you fall down, take photos!

I’m sure the last thing you are thinking of when you fall down is “hey, let me take out my phone and take some pictures of this [whatever] that made me fall down and injure myself. Usually the first thought that comes to mind is “oh damn, that was embarrassing, I hope no one sawContinue reading “If something makes you fall down, take photos!”